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FLUOR Vision · 15 November 2015 · 7:00 am

FLUOR consists of concepts: the raison d’être of advertising communication

People have long spoken openly about storytelling as creative yardstick necessary for designing a strategy. Historically storytelling is used for creating of classical advertising communication: a media spot or a print campaign. Now many talk about the storytelling as the perfect tool to fictionalize the brand and turn it into rational or emotional content. What is certain is that storytelling is critical to reach a fragmented audience

But at FLUOR we think that storytelling is useless if there is no creative drive. If there is no premise of a brand… A well expressed key idea… We are talking about the concept.


The old school of advertising rules

From the mid-twentieth century until the early twenty-first century, the task of advertising creatives was to understand the brand and its audience, and in just a few paragraphs pick a storyline that could arouse the interest of an audience hungry for aspirations. A concept that is broken down into claims, copy, spots, arts, corporate materials and even the products themselves. Concepts capable of expressing what the consumers should feel when they are living and feeling the brand.



FLUOR wants to innovate and recover this key lost due to strategic short-termism of these recent years of crisis and the new digital mindset. At FLUOR, we will spend time with the big brands providing concepts in a context where the audience is center of communication.


The concept is key to innovating creatively

We must escape communication that reduces the concept to a claim in a clever campaign to content that emphasizes a truism about the brand, a painful slogan full of false emotion or a showy spot imposing empty aspirations.


FLUOR wants to recover the importance of the concept to provide consistency, strength, endurance and freedom for creativity. In a global branding campaign, in designing a transmedia strategy or building an entertainment content, the concept is to advertising what the plot or story is to any fictional content: from a novel to a TV series.



In conclusion, this concept is the premise that allows creative, authentic and relevant storytelling for the brand, sales and public. It is essential for telling a good brand story.

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