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FLUOR Vision · 10 November 2015 · 7:00 am

FLUOR is lifestyle: turning a ‘Brand centric’ vision into a ‘Consumer centric’ reality


Here at FLUOR we think that if we change, everything changes. That is our eternal challenge concerning advertising: to transform the mental processes of the sector, especially of the advertisers, and to take on new contrasting realities. In addition, a very important aspect in this context is the lifestyle.

Give the public what the public wants

The brand and its DNA in the form of a map of benefits, values and personality are no longer the center of communication. Now the target audience of a brand is the real protagonist. The change in communication is a fact: we have passed from ‘Brand centric’ view to a ‘Consumer centric’ context, an anthropocentric strategic perspective.

The fragmentation of target audiences that are reduced to niches, and the strength of social media and digital habits such as using mobile gadgets prevent engaging consumers only by demographics such as age, gender, location or economic status … It is necessary to understand a psychographic framework of consumers assessing their personality, attitudes, interests, habits or ideas. We must know and understand the lifestyle of the consumer. Lifestyle is the key.

Three good examples of the importance of lifestyle are Pepsi launching its own smartphone to establish and position itself in China, a classic in the territory of connected retail such as the real-time Facebook likes shown on hangers by C&A in Brazil or the game that raises awareness of marine pollution designed by Pharrell,  an engine of the pure lifestyle used for selling the new collection of G-Star denim.

Lifestyle. Lifestyle. Lifestyle or Way of Life.

The success of a campaign, the creation of a brand or the sales impact has much to do with observing the lifestyle of the public and understanding its needs strategically.

The lifestyle allows us to be effective when we propose content, be creative when we detect lacking, be ambitious to design a product as an experience and reach niches of the relevant public effectively when, regarding the lifestyle vision, we add the power of transmedia strategies.

Because if there is something we at FLUOR are clear about, it is the fact that the best lever to communicate naturally and access naturally lifestyle niches of influence is content that provides entertainment and helpful experiences.


This is the #FLUORlifestyle.



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