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Video on Demand · 15 February 2016 · 10:30 pm

The greater the offer, the fewer the offerings


The outlook for pay TV and on demand services (via cable or streaming) is finally taking off in Spain. With the arrival of Netflix late last year, the beginning of the self-produced series announced by the national giant Movistar+ and the recent news that we will be the first country in Central and Southern Europe where HBO operates, our market is beginning to move closer to the those of the Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian markets. And to suffering the very same ills.



We will have new battlefields where hitherto unknown contestants can fight it out, true… But the war is the same as always: to achieve supremacy in the sector. And as in every battle there has to be a loser, it seems that in this case it will be the audience, forced to choose between the content of one platform or another and to let go of some series and programs if they don’t want to see how their budgets blown out after having to pay for three different subscriptions at the end of month.

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