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FLUOR Inspiration · 19 January 2018 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 56



Because we always come to our date with inspiration. Here you have a new FLUOR inspiration  


Mountain dew vs Doritos, the expected duel of the next Super Bowl (Adweek)



“Do It Yourself”, the new line of Nintendo accessories (The Verge)



A new service for Oreo lovers (Elitedaily)



Aflac Duck, the stuffed animal that help children with cancer (Fileedge)



Now you can find a partner thanks to your DNA  (The fresh toast)



Have a weekend full of good ideas, peace, love and rock’ n’ roll!




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FLUOR Inspiration · 12 January 2018 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 55



Because the January slope is always better with a new FLUOR inspiration



“Forever battery” the new wireless mechanism to charge the mobile (Digital Trends)


Boeing presents a drone capable of transporting 200 kg (the verge)



“No dressing men” the brand that denounces male chauvinism  (Bored panda)



Ikea pretends you to urinate in their ads  (Adweek)



Coca-cola presents its own typeface  (It´s nice that)


Let creativity guide your steps this weekend

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FLUOR Inspiration · 22 December 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 54




Get back to feeling like a child and make your ideas play with this new FLUOR inspiration.



Magic leap finally shows his mixed reality glasses (Engadget)


“The greatest showman” surprises everyone with his live promotion (Adweek)


It is already possible to sell cars in a vending machine (Retail Detail)


Amazon’s Sumerian allows us to create applications in VR (Graphic Speak)


Spotify pays homage to hip hop with these sculptures (Variety)


May the best gift this Christmas be your inspiration. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

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FLUOR Inspiration Uncategorized · 15 December 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 53


In case you still don’t know what to ask Santa, here we present a new FLUOR Inspiration.


35 young people with more potential in the field of technology (MIT technology review)


AT & T works on a new ultra-fast internet (ATT) 


Google launches its curious review of 2017 (For The Win) 


Twitter uses humor in its new ads (Adweek)


A mysterious wine packaging for lovers of the dark (The Dieline ) 


Good weekend. May the inspiration be with you.


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FLUOR Inspiration · 08 December 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 52


Full of  Christmas spirit, the new FLUOR inspiration has arrived


We explain Fluor in this interview  (Paperkup)


We got 3 Agripina awards in its seventh edition.  (Instagram)


The Simpsons are celebrating with their new Christmas opening.  (Likecool)


Boutique presents us: Angry AIDS, a funny way to make AIDS visible (Redcross)


Ikea and Sonos come together to improve the music in your home.  (Techcrunch)


Good weekend and that inspiration comes to you when your creativity needs it most.


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FLUOR Projects · 05 December 2017 · 9:49 am

TwypTubers (Twyp – ING)


This project is nominated for Best Branded Content Campaign of the Year (Anuncios). Failure of the jury pending to occur.


Advertiser: ING

Brand: Twyp

Campaign: TwypTubers


What did they ask us for?

ING wanted to position its shared payment for friends App in one key place: music festivals. The intention was to connect with young people and present them content that was not only relevant but that would also encourage them to download and use the Application. Would four YouTubers be able to survive a festival using only Twyp and not a single euro in cash?


What did we do?

We are faced with a complex question: how do we reach young people if they are watching less and less television every day and are hyper-saturated with advertising? Our answer to this was to head to YouTube – the reference platform for audiovisual entertainment among the target audience we aimed to reach. So, we set out to see whether it was possible to survive an entire festival without using a single euro in cash; and of course, without leaving with a single debt.

To do just that, we challenged four YouTubers the opportunity to participate. Would they be capable? This is how ‘TwypTubers’ was born, set within an innovative Branded Content format that sent these YouTubers to music festivals with nothing in their pockets but with Twyp downloaded to their mobile phones.

Read more

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FLUOR Inspiration · 01 December 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 51


For the sake of your ideas here is a new FLUOR inspiration


Apple launches its own YouTube channel to teach how to use its devices. (Evening standard)


Snapchat changes its image to compete against Instagram. . .   (Lovin)


. . . Instagram adds new features to its social network (Engadget)


Jim Beam launches an intelligent bourbon decanter  (Creativity online)


This artificial intelligence could oust the work of journalists  (NiemanLab)


Good weekend and warm you down temperatures

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FLUOR Inspiration Uncategorized · 24 November 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 50


Even if Black Friday arrives we don’t make sales in our FLUOR inspiration!


BMW and Snapchat join to create an ad in augmented reality (The drum)


Apple presents its Christmas spot (Mirror)


With this toilet paper you can go to the bathroom with class. (Bandt)


The first official LEGO store has arrived in Madrid!  (Brick Fanatics)


Burger King buries the ax for a good cause.  (Creativity online) 


May creativity overflow you and inspiration motivate you.

Good weekend.


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FLUOR Inspiration · 17 November 2017 · 7:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 49



So that the descent of temperatures doesn’t freeze your ideas, we bring you again our FLUOR Inspiration.


A movie of Mario Bros  (Slashgear)


John Lewis and his Christmas monster  (The Guardian)


This robotic bear that comes alive thanks to technology (Trend Hunter) 


Ikea continues to expand, this time it reaches Malaysia  (Adobo magazine)


The next step in virtual reality, HTC vive focus don’t need PC   (The verge) 


Let inspiration catch you enjoying it. Good weekend full of peace, love and rock’n’roll. 



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FLUOR Projects · 25 October 2017 · 8:57 am

Premiere of 1st Season ‘Midnight, Texas’ (Syfy)

Advertiser: NBC Universal

Brand: Syfy

Campaign: ‘Inside Midnight, Texas’


What did they ask us for?

The science fiction channel Syfy was set to premiere the first season of its series ‘Midnight, Texas’: a supernatural drama from the author of ‘True Blood’. The goal was quite clear – the launch of the series needed to be a success.

To reinforce the launch strategy we needed to create a campaign that had great impact in the media and on social networks, as well as to convey the essence of the series.


What did we do?

Three actions:

The first action, aimed at the general public, consisted of developing an interactive mupi at a shopping centre in Madrid, with 3D animations of characters from the series, enabling the audience to interact with them physically. Some of the reactions were caught on camera and shared in a video on social networks, recorded using four hidden cameras and that captured the surprise and fear felt by those in the audience at the shopping centre.

The second action, designed to give visibility to the season premiere, was a travel guide that delved into the ‘Midnight, Texas’ universe from a different perspective before the series launch. It showed various elements that identifies the series: where the mysterious town is, places to visit, historical characters and even the area’s typical gastronomy. Through this mysterious offering we secured the involvement of the media and caught the attention of several blogs in the sector, encouraging participation before the launch of the series.

And the a third action, we organized a private event for specialised media, which included the screening of the series’ first episode, where attendees could enjoy ad hoc sessions involving a psychic medium, an interactive photo call where participants would become protagonists of the series, and a personalized menu.


What results were obtained?

– The media and television blogs covered the series launch

– The main media, bloggers and journalists of the sector got to know the ‘Midnight, Texas’ universe and were able to fully immerse themselves in it

– Thousands of impressions on social networks

– The guide is among the finalists, for its category, for the Advertisement of the Year award run by

– Outstanding presence in advertising media (for examples, click here or see here)

Guía Midnight

Guía Midnight 2

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