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FLUOR Projects · 13 June 2017 · 2:42 pm




Advertiser: Sunns

Brand: Sunns

Campaign: Naming + logo (Brand identity)


What did they ask us for?

The creation of a new company, a sunglass brand focused on the youngest in the family, those aged between 6 and 16 years old. Therefore, there was a requirement to create everything from scratch, from a company name to a visual identity.



What did we do?

– We devised a global concept that would enable us to relate to the youngsters using their language, creating a word that made a clear reference to the product and was pronounceable, universal, easy and had a great acoustic feel.

– We accompanied this naming with a logo that was able to convey the message of youth, familiarity and energy through visual language.

Out of all this, the word Sunns was born.



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