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FLUOR Inspiration · 29 April 2016 · 9:49 am

FLUOR Inspiration 6


Are you ready for this week´s Inspiration? Here are the five links to the news that have drawn our attention the most in the last seven days.

Ghost in the shell (Ashthorp)

An interactive love story: Making Jeff Buckley’s “Just like a Woman” (Motiongrapher)

Very funny instagramer from Australia (SocialUnderground)

7 hidden features in the latest Snapchat update (Mashable)

Ad Buying on Facebook Just Got More TV-Like (Adage)

See you next week!

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FLUOR Inspiration · 17 April 2016 · 8:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 5


Once again, here we are with our 5 inspirational proposals.

Grocery store in Romania allows you to channel the force and shop like a Jedi (Creative Guerrilla Marketing)

Audi creates billboard that shines spotlight on pedestrians walking by (Creative Guerrilla Marketing)

Cornetto: An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides (Creative Guerrilla Marketing)

Drone 100: A World Record Featuring 100 Points (AEC)

No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated universe (Playstation E3 2014)

Have a nice week!

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FLUOR Inspiration · 10 April 2016 · 8:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 4


Here is this week´s FLUOR Inspiration. These are our 5 proposals!


Quantum Break: games meet TV in the year’s most experimental blockbuster (The Guardian)


Elon Musk says nearly 200K Tesla Model 3 cars PRE-ORDERED in 24 hours (Popular Science)


$50,000 humanoid robot built from scratch in Hong Kong (Euronews)


FACE MELODY creates a beautiful musical piece by analyzing your face (Ipsa)


Better Call Saul: you fought the law and you won (Above The Law + Vice)


See you next week!

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FLUOR Inspiration · 03 April 2016 · 9:45 am

FLUOR Inspiration 3


We leave you with our third edition of FLUOR Inspiration for you to have a look at when you fancy.

Death and the Bratayley family: An Internet-famous child’s death sparks an ugly backlash (Salon)

Inventing the Impossible: Storytelling Tips from Cyber Illusionist Marco Tempest (Adobe Blog)

HeavyBubbles™ TV Commercial

April Fools’ Day Products That Are Totally Fake But Should Be Re (Gizmodo)

I watched “Batman v Superman” at a 4D theater so you don’t have to (Quartz)

Until next time!

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