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FLUOR Projects Social media · 27 June 2019 · 3:06 pm

Communications strategy and creation of the new website for the Fugaz Awards


Advertiser: Premios Fugaz (Fugaz Awards) – CortoEspaña

Brand: Premios Fugaz (Fugaz Awards)

Campaign: Development of the communications strategy for Fugaz Awards that included: creation of original content, PR, management and revitalization of its social networks and creation of the new website


 What did they ask us for?

The Fugaz Awards are the annual awards created by CortoEspaña that award prizes to the best shorts in Spain. For their third edition, they needed a PR plan that gave them visibility across media platforms, their own content strategy for social networks, community management with special attention to a gala and the creation of a website with their own visual identity; all with content distribution that provides for regular updates and adequate usability.

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FLUOR Projects · 05 June 2019 · 2:45 pm

PR campaign for the National Ticketing Association

Link to the information from El País Ticket resale companies ask for the elimination of shopping bots


Advertiser: National Ticketing Association (ANATIC- Asociación Nacional de Ticketing)


Campaign: Development of a PR campaign for the National Ticketing Association (ANATIC)


What did they ask us for?

The National Ticketing Association (ANATIC), is the association that brings together more than 20 companies (amongst which are ticket exchange platforms, agencies and event management companies) in order to professionalize and regulate the secondary sales market of tickets.

For this project, they needed to create more public awareness of the association and its mission, in order to provide first-hand information to the social conversation generated around the sales of online tickets. We were required to convey a message to the consumer that was not erroneous and biased, and that focused on the operation of the sector, its regulation and secure shopping platforms.

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