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FLUOR Projects · 07 June 2018 · 9:46 am

Premiere of the first season of Wentworth on Calle 13



Advertiser: NBC Universal

Brand: Calle 13

Campaign: Premiere Wentworth in Spain


What did they ask for?

The TV channel Calle 13 premiered the Australian series Wentworth for the first time in Spain. A drama that focuses on the reality of women in prison through each of their characters’ experiences. It is worth noting that this is the series that inspired the well-known series Orange Is The New Black.

For the promotion of the series, they asked us to come up with a new activity, one that would have repercussions in the media and would be accompanied by an event. A complicated challenge, since we had to be careful about the message being transmitted. Therefore, we immersed ourselves in the reality of women’s prisons in Spain through various associations, which offered us the information and the expertise we needed.


What did we do?

  • We placed two influencers (Gominuke and Xuri Fentón) in isolation for 48 hours in a space set in Wentworth Prison. They were both controlled by surveillance personnel and did not have any connection to the outside world – their only access was to a camera with which to record their experiences and be able to convey the harsh reality of freedom deprivation.
  • We created a themed event which recreated Wentworth Prison, from the security control to the courtyards and cells. The guests were immersed in the series by being taken into the prison. In addition, to make the event more dynamic, there was a mini improvisation theatrical event in which several actresses played the role of prisoners and mingled with crowd, surprising the guests.
  • We approach the situation of women in prison through a colloquium in which the Arco Iris association contributed its vision and experience.


What were the results?

  • More than 460,000 views on YouTube, giving great visibility to the activities across its target audience
  • The video on the isolation experience became the third most watched video on the Gominuke channel with almost 350K visits
  • Almost 600,000 people reached across the different social networks of the influencers
  • On Instagram Stories, more than 40,000 people with links to Wentworth Prison were reached
  • The event both surprised and entertained the guests while approaching the harsh reality of women in prison
  • The action generated very positive comments across the media and with the followers of the influencers





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