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FLUOR Inspiration · 29 September 2017 · 11:11 am

FLUOR Inspiration 45



Were you not inspired this week? Check out the five links we bring you today.


iPhone 8 owners can FINALLY use Ikea’s wireless charging lamp (Mashable)


Coke inks ‘Virtual Athlete’ endorsement deal with FIFA game (Ad Age)


He created a LEGO CV to stand out from other resumes (Bored Panda)


Twitter gives us more characters to express ourselves (Twitter)


‘Made in North Korea’ Book by Phaidon (Hypebeast)


Inspiration occupies no place. See you soon!

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FLUOR Inspiration Uncategorized · 22 September 2017 · 8:30 am

FLUOR Inspiration 44



Inspiration comes when you least expect it. What do you think about what we found this week?


London’s famed Piccadilly Lights to reilluminate in October with Bernardo’s charity drive (The Drum)


John Lewis Launches In-Store Sleepovers to Test the Beds (Gizmodo) group launches market research arm Travel Insights (Campaign)


Netflix Sent the Best Cease-and-Desist Letter to This Unauthorized Stranger Things Bar (AdWeek)


In a creative rut? Try MIT’s mad libs for designers (Co. Design)


And up to here this week’s FLUOR Inspiration. The next one will be even better;)

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FLUOR Inspiration · 15 September 2017 · 2:00 pm

FLUOR Inspiration 43



May inspiration be with you this week! FLUOR Inspiration is here!


Heineken’s new futuristic ad (Creativity Online)


The supercut of SpaceX rocket explosion videos (Business Insider)


Game of Thrones will spawn its own finale multiverse to avoid spoilers (Tech Crunch)


Teads Acquires Leading Interactive Video and Dynamic Creative Optimization Company Brainient (Cision)


Bitmoji Are About to Go 3-D in Snapchat World Lenses (AdWeek)


Happy ideas!



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FLUOR Inspiration · 08 September 2017 · 9:30 am

FLUOR Inspiration 42



For us, the week flies between Inspiration and Inspiration, don’t you feel the same?


Google introduces the feed (TechCrunch)


The next generation of emoji (MIT Technology Review)


Ikea’s augmented reality app (Architectural Digest)


Magic Leap’s smartglasses (Tech Insider)


The atlas of prejudice (Bored Panda)


If you liked these, share them and don’t miss the ones from next week! Have a nice weekend with Peace, Love & Rock’n’Roll.

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FLUOR Inspiration · 01 September 2017 · 6:00 am

FLUOR Inspiration 41



After a week of surfing for the best of the Internet we have found these five links for you to enjoy them as much as we have.


These cooking recipe videos are inspired by Hollywood directors (Business Insider)


Burger King Wants You to Take a Chance on a ‘Mystery’ Burger (Creativity Online)


Game of Thrones New book by artificial intelligence (HypeBeast)


Amazon has developed an AI Fashion Designer (MIT Technology Review)


IFA 2017: Berlin’s massive tech show (Techradar)


We hope you enjoyed a good holiday so as you know, winter is coming. 😉

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