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FLUOR Projects Social media · 27 June 2019 · 3:06 pm

Communications strategy and creation of the new website for the Fugaz Awards


Advertiser: Premios Fugaz (Fugaz Awards) – CortoEspaña

Brand: Premios Fugaz (Fugaz Awards)

Campaign: Development of the communications strategy for Fugaz Awards that included: creation of original content, PR, management and revitalization of its social networks and creation of the new website


 What did they ask us for?

The Fugaz Awards are the annual awards created by CortoEspaña that award prizes to the best shorts in Spain. For their third edition, they needed a PR plan that gave them visibility across media platforms, their own content strategy for social networks, community management with special attention to a gala and the creation of a website with their own visual identity; all with content distribution that provides for regular updates and adequate usability.


What did we do?

We helped them to promote the Awards through:

  • The creation of a content strategy with its own formats that would communicate both the quality of the participants and the impact of the nominees, the gala and any winners, as well as generate community involvement. It also included communications for the Itinerant Festival, which screens several of the nominated and awarded short films at more than 100 Spanish locations across the year.

We created Twitter threads to narrate the plot of some short films in different ways. When the users reached the end of the thread, they were able to access the short film in question, thanks to its cover.

We welcomed public opinion across our social networks through the creation of a very different voting dynamic. We proposed different categories or playful alternatives to those of the Fugaz Awards. Thus, using their vote, users could choose their favourite scene between two nominated shorts in a number of playful categories.



Through 3 graphs, users could create their own fleeting speech using the initials of their first and last names. In this way, we played with the stigma of long speeches, generating a fun and simple dynamic, all of which encouraged participation.



We created a format with which users could ask questions to the gala’s  attendees. The Fugaz Awards addressed and answered all the questions during the same gala, live with all protagonists.

  • We carried out the tasks of community management, interacting with the followers, encouraging their participation, creating adhoc content, integrating communications from sponsors and responding to all comments received.


  • We developed a PR plan with which to increase the visibility of the awards in the media through the writing of press releases and contact with media (both general and specialized) to manage interviews, reports and live connections.


  • We designed and developed a new website that brought together the pages of Fugaz and CortoEspaña Awards in the same site, providing simpler and more complete information. The redesigned and restyled virtual space created a more accessible and usable website. The goal was to have a powerful aesthetic look whilst was at the same time remain functional.


What results were obtained?  


  • Thanks to the PR plan, Telemadrid covered the event live, and there was also a live interview in the Madrid’s ‘Hoy por hoy’ program hosted by the Cadena SER radio station and broadcast nationwide. The Awards appeared on many websites such as The Citizen, Fotogramas, Tercera Información and Cine y Tele, among many others.


  •  The communications ROI (PR) exceeded 9000% achieving a VPE of €173,159.


  • Visibility of content was high, obtaining 852,785 total impressions (40% organic) during the campaign months (April and May). More than 12,400 likes were generated, more than 800 comments made and more than 650 users shared the content on their own social networks.


  • The dissemination of communication was also expanded through the networks of guests, nominees and winners, generating public conversations where good ratings and recognition of the Fugaz Awards were a constant. Even with live content on networks, through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, a multitude of questions were generated for the guests and encouraged more content generated by the attendees, all through the gala hashtag. In addition, the directors of the shorts themselves shared the “Fugaz votes” content and encouraged participation about both their short films and the organization. 😄

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