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Future · 09 May 2016 · 11:12 am

Consumption decisions, decisions of change


I have always felt fascinated by how communications technology alters massive consumption, the market, the services and, in part, ourselves. Analyzing why pornography cornered the online market years ago (formats, themes, privacy and payment methods), why we began to plan and book trips (offers, plans and destinations), why today’s music discs (physical)  are for collectors and why we listen to more music (our own or music belonging to the custom lists of others, discoveries and new releases) or why for many shopping is already an activity that takes place through our screens … and it is still not clear to me where changing rooms will fit within a few years  time.


Many of us are amazed at how differently we communicate (voiceless and faceless, but with words) with IRC, Messenger, GoogleTalk… and we cannot explain why we stopped doing it. Or can we? I never imagined that my mother was going to say ‘hello son’ through bits, or that I would prefer live texting from the new instant messaging platform than talking over the phone. And even less that the very same day I could be worn out by WhatsApp group discussions.


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