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Jorge Guillén is Innovation Director at FLUOR Lifestyle. He is also a co-founder member of' Innovación Audiovisual' and postgraduate professor in Branded Content and Transmedia Storytelling at Inesdi.


Technology · 29 June 2016 · 9:59 pm

Now, better than later

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On May 4, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla, held a live streaming  to discuss the launch of their new initiative, the Chan Zuckerberg Education Initiative. What surprised me the most about this event, which I was able to witness first-hand, was its reach. In only five minutes of live broadcast, vertically and 4/3, no less than 73,679 viewers were connected, all of whom were identified as individual users. And the figure kept rising, not to mention the number of comments that were generated.


Leaving aside the 62 million fans that follow the couple, we can make an example of someone a bit closer to home, El Periscope de Pique, with 13 million followers, receiving 35,000 unique viewers following a broadcast from the Barcelona F.C, when returning from a game. Data that could compete with some audiences of the new TDT Channels without any problems.


Because the interest in digital platforms for live broadcasting, the holy grail of linear television, is creating a growing interest for these new tools. And this has been reflected in 2015, where the year’s most popular applications were those that streamed live broadcast.


When reality TV ceased to be true to its name and lost that sense of spontaneity, video bloggers emerged. They became the new reality stars and their popularity took off because of the new levels of authenticity their work showed. But with the advent of these new tools, Snapchat, Facebook live, Meerkat, Periscope and so on, live broadcasting has become the new reality that users seek. Content that is not only relevant, but that is also able to convey this reality within a fully interactive space.


Newscasters before the beginning of a broadcast, celebrities before attending an event, information media, television networks, anyone with a smartphone with a live streaming application -everyone has become a “live producer” and can broadcast live content, content which also doesn’t need to be as perfect and carefully produced as content on YouTube, Vine or Instagram. And this is one of the main reasons why it is working so well.


When users are fans, it is proven that they spend thrice the amount of time watching live broadcasts than on those emissions that have already been broadcast. And this has much to do with a known trend, especially amongst the young, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which is a true ally of live streaming.


The feelings and anguish of missing out on something was born with the boom of social networks and the new possibilities of watching what others were doing. But with the “new live”, as it is called now, the FOMO feeling can be diminished. But to achieve this, it must be seen live, because if not, then you really are going to miss out. And this is the crux of the matter.


And while we are still in an embryonic stage, I cannot stop thinking about everything that is still to come with the new live. Live pranks, live narratives, live beauty tutorials, new talent, new celebrities… .; As said at MIPTV Cannes recently, the new live is the new cool.


Live broadcasts are the only place where anything can happen, and that is what can keep us glued to the screen. We are evolving towards a new Live momentum where the formula to reach and retain the user is built out of reality plus interactivity plus live broadcasting.


For all this and more, the now is better than the later, because the latter is closer to never than to now.

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