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Future · 16 May 2016 · 3:03 pm

The end of conventional language: welcome, telepathy


I do not think we are aware of what is happening to us yet. We have yet to size up what is going to happen. The other day I came across the interview Gabilondo did with José Luis Cordeiro, a professor at the Singularity University and I had a light bulb moment.


And this, not so much because of the novelty of the ideas introduced by Professor Cordeiro, which ultimately present many of the connections that you end up making yourself once you are familiar with the technologies, but because of the doors he opens in the interview. And from among it all, including our immortality and having to decide (we will see if there is a need to regulate this or not) when to die, what inspires this post is something else: telepathy.


Cordeiro speaks of a third hemisphere in the brain (I think Google is playing with this idea) that would connect the human mind to the cloud via brain waves. Transmission technology via brainwaves is already very advanced, although there is the matter of time needed to refine it. The bandwidth is no longer a negatively influencing factor and the rest is just learning.


I thought: How would the transmission of thoughts from Point A to B work? And I became dizzy. If I am able to compress my thoughts into data, move them to another storage source and then transmit from this source to another brain, it is all done. Knowledge will not be a critical factor. Education (more or less sheepish reiterations) would be solved. All human beings on the planet would be potential neurosurgeons, astrophysicists, architects and soccer coaches within a couple of hours.


Language would disappear. In fact, seen from this perspective, Argentinians and the French would finally lose that amatory edge associated with their accent. Even more that that, because language, considering it in this light, seems like a downer… verbiage, slow, imperfect, artificial.


Imagine loving telepathically. Recounting those feelings that things like Breaking Bad or a Wellington tenderloin, surfing or putting yourself in front of a seven hundred kilo bull, awaken in you.


What will the production of communication content (audio-visual products, information, etc.) look like? How will it be done? We are no longer talking about transmedia, but about transthoughts: content (an idea) will begin in my head, it will then be enriched with other thoughts (ideas, experiences, images) and will then re-enter my mind. Millions of transthoughts per minute.


But if verbal language (let´s not even talk about written language) is eradicated and languages are over, if “standard” communication is obsolete, how will we structure thought?


Cordeiro speaks unabatedly about the end of the human race and the emergence of a new species that will irreversibly change the course of the history of the planet. The case is that the time for this, coinciding with the technological singularity, which before we used to think was on the distant horizon, is actually, according to the professor, very, very close. At this rate, within 45 years!


By then the posts of this blog will no longer be written, they will be thoughts and that is it. If you also want that light bulb moment, watch the video below. But be aware – there is no turning back after seeing this.



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