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FLUOR Projects · 18 July 2018 · 7:18 am

Digital content strategy and management of Paid Media in Destino Ibiza (Grupo Pacha)


Advertiser: Grupo Pacha

Brand: Destino Pacha Resort

Campaign: Digital content strategy and Paid Media campaign management


What did they ask us for?

The Destino Pacha Resort is one of the day clubs of reference on the island. It is a space that combines the best attributes to enjoy a day in Ibiza: relaxation, entertainment and gastronomy.

Destino needed a digital campaign to continue to be positioned as a resort of reference in Ibiza. In addition, the resort was also looking to reflect the Ibiza lifestyle and highlight their differences and potential, attracting new customers, publicise its restaurant changes and strengthen knowledge of its Day Club. They were also looking for the management and execution of the various Paid Media campaigns created around brand content.

What are we doing?

  • We created the positioning and creative concept to allow Destino to continue to be a resort of reference Ibiza: “Where Ibiza Shines”. Destino is situated in a preferred location, with privileged views of the island. It is the place that brings together all that Ibiza has to offer in a special light, so we use a combination of these elements and the light as a narrative element.
  • We developed specific content for each digital medium under the creative concept, to which we also apply different variants such as “Where Food Shines” or “Where Colour Shines”
  • The Destino restaurant is being publicised through digital content, under “food art”, specific creative activities that show the art is present in the dishes available at Destino.
  • In addition to these formats, content has also been created in the form of 360º videos, timelapses and the use of visual resources such as drones and slow motion images to show the different experiences on offer at the resort
  • We help tourists and islanders visit the Day Club through digital content and Paid Media campaigns
  • We created a style manual and an editorial plan for the brand, with which to unify the image, tone and style of the brand.
  • Creation and daily monitoring of the Paid Media campaigns in order to optimize the segmentation and budget to achieve the targets set.

What results have been obtained?

  • This project is still in progress 😉


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