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FLUOR Projects · 09 April 2019 · 2:51 pm

Communication Strategy for UCCI Quito


Advertiser: Quito City Council

Brand: UCCI

Campaign: Communication strategy for UCCI Quito


What did they ask us for?

The Quito City Council (Ecuador) asked us to develop a communications strategy in order to secure a participatory process is achieved around the SDGs (the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations). To do this, they asked us to take advantage of the participatory mechanisms and fabrics that are part of the city. In addition, they wanted to create an active community as the engine of change, where people lead the grassroots movement. 


What did we do?

  • For the project we collaborated with Two Much Research Studio. We formulated a communications strategy that generated a sense of motivation to lead the SDGs by two local actors: committed officials and citizen leaders. How? Through the generation of alliances and encouraging enthusiasm to change Quito through small actions that inspire great improvements.


  • Creative particle accelerator: A method that aims to create a community of collaborators that carry out proposals and projects that value the participatory aspects of the SDGs. It is a private participation space where that favours first-hand encounters and creative synergies, and which will be activated through two ideas:


  • Conga: A platform that will serve as a meeting point for people who want to take on projects in Quito that favour change as well as people who can participate in them, adding value. Conga works as a showcase for proposals, projects and meetings, to legitimize and formalize projects, to inform and update on proposals, meetings, milestones achieved, etc. The goal, therefore, is to share ideas, work and resources in order to carry out projects.


  • Natural de Quito: An experiential project based on food where we will take advantage of the existing urban and ecological agricultural fabric  in Quito to strengthen the current relationship between vendors and producers. It is a meeting place where food is the main focus and where, through a series of nine events, we will provoke reflections based on the resignification of the SDGs. The goal is to awaken the happiness of finding another person close to you and what you want, activating that vital impulse to make the world a place worthy of being shared by all, connecting as humans and not only as citizens. With this process we look for two aspects to take place: the creation of a creative community and the pollination of this current of change.

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