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FLUOR Projects · 09 October 2018 · 10:03 am

Digital Content Strategy for AMC


Advertiser: AMC Networks

Brand: AMC

Campaign: Digital content strategy


What did they ask us for?

The AMC television channel (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Fear the Walking Dead, The Terror…) wanted to develop a content strategy for their digital media. To do so, we were asked to present a proposal that would help them increase not only their viewing community bus also the level of organic engagement across their different digital channels.


What are we doing?

  • We carried out a benchmark analysis of the related channels and best practices of the sector, in order to understand where our communications should be focussed.
  • We devised a series of novel and different formats that reinforce the channel’s content channel and its original productions.
  • We developed content for the channel’s down time, when there are no flagship product launches.
  • We are designing the products in line with the channel’s image, adapting each to the format of each social network.


What results have been obtained?

  • This piece is work is still in progress ; )


BeFunky Collage


BeFunky Collage1





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