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FLUOR Projects · 14 May 2019 · 1:13 pm

Online content strategy for Via Nature

Advertiser: Via Nature

Brand: AMC Group

Campaign: Digital content strategy


What did they ask us for?

Via Nature are 100% natural fruit juices. Their ingredients range from aloe vera to dandelion, through to probiotics and ginseng. The brand is owned by the AMC Group and its juices have always been a very good white label choice for many department stores.

When they made the leap to creating their own brand they asked us to join them in this challenge. How? With a digital content strategy that would highlight the differential value of each of the juices through the ‘Natural  honesty’ stated in their claim. 


How did we approach the project?

  • We carried out a benchmark test to determine the nutritional benefits that differentiate them from similar products in the sector. In this case, it was important for us to focus on the concept of “Free of”: free of sugars, free of preservatives and free of dyes. As well as other unique and uncommon ingredients in juices produced by other brands, such as probiotics and dandelion.
  • After this, we reached the positioning aspect and the ‘Unusual wellness’ concept Via Nature stands out for, offering an unusual well-being. It is well-being because the composition of its products is healthy compared to other brands in the sector and unusual because, even so, they manage to do this without forgoing any of the flavour 
  • Finally, we developed the digital content strategy employing different formats that used the ‘Unusual wellness’ concept as a pillar of the strategy.
  • ‘Unusual recipes’: illustrated videos and graphics that represent, at a glance, the composition of each product. In some cases, one of these ingredients stands out above the rest to emphasize its differential value.



  • ‘Unusual wellness’: illustrations that dramatize the difficulty associated with leading a healthy life, through simple tips associated with each of the juices.



 VIA NATURE TIP: Avoid frequent hot water baths because, in the long term, it affects the aging of the skin.

Our Via Nature Antiox juice contains selenium and blueberries, ideal to protect your cells from oxidative stress


  • Personalities: exemplifications appearing in certain clichés of the benefits that characterize each juice. How? Through four characters that parody common behaviours of people who do not know how to lead a healthy life. With them, Via Natura highlights the ‘Unusual wellness’ claim that taking care of yourself is much easier than you think.








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