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FLUOR Projects · 29 October 2018 · 4:09 pm

‘Operación Gigantes’, the transmedia discovery environment of the series ‘Gigantes’ (Movistar+)


Advertiser: Movistar+

Brand: TV Series ‘Gigantes’

Campaign: ‘Operación Gigantes’ (


Access the transmedia universe of Operación Gigantes


This project is nominated for Best Branded Content Project in Anuncios Awards 


What did they ask us for?

Movistar+ was set to premier ‘Gigantes’, a series directed by Enrique Urbizu and Jorge Dorado that narrates a fraternal war taken to the extreme, led by an all-star cast including José Coronado, Isaak Férriz and Daniel Grao. To extend the experience, Movistar+ asked us to develop the transmedia universe of ‘Gigantes’, looking to enable a connection between fans and the series.

What did we do?

We created the transmedia discovery environment ‘Operación Gigantes’; an immersive police intranet where the user can follow the Guerrero family’s trail of corruption, crimes and drug trafficking. To create this experience, we opted for a concentric narrative where, using the police station as the main axis, users could then thoroughly explore the plot parallel to the series. An intra-narrative website in which users can build, in first person and episode by episode, their own theories.

This intranet has nine different types of content: a network of all the people involved, police phone taps, clues, protected witnesses, hidden cameras, evidence, news, the protagonists’ social network sites and the videoblog. For the latter, sub-inspector Diego Rojas guides users through eight episodes, inviting them to delve into the entire plot and draw their own conclusions as well as facilitating familiarity with each character and their links.


What results were obtained?

Project is still live 🙂


Descriptive sheet:

Agency: FLUOR Lifestyle

Advertiser: Movistar +

Product: Series

Brand: Gigantes

Sector: Culture and leisure

Client contact: Miriam Lagoa

Creative general director: Eduardo Prádanos.

Creative team: Eduardo Prádanos, Juanjo Mestre, Vanesa García, María Torcal, Jorge Ayllón, Jorge Guillén and Javier Cutanda.

Content director: Alberto Ramos

Account director: Silvia Mosquera

Account team: Carla Ginés

Work: Website

Title: “Operación Gigantes”


Movistar+ Team:

Business & Legal: Ismael Calleja, Nicolas Lecocq, Clara Ruipérez, Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles, Miriam Lagoa, Adrián de Belva, Cristina Rozas, Laura López, Marta Martín, Marta Placer and Agustín Serna.

Development: Fran Araújo, Susana Herreras, Gabriel Arias-Salgado, Rafa Taboada, Antonio Trashorras and Alejandra Sabá

Marketing & Communications: Cristina Burzako, Purificación González, Iñaki Marticorena, Cristina Ramos, Nuria Massa, Nuria Valdivia, Raúl Bustamante and Eva Soto.


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