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FLUOR Projects · 14 June 2017 · 8:18 am

Syfy 10th Anniversary

This project won the Best Digital Animation at Agripina Awards #AGP7

This project won the Gold Award as Best Stunning Event at PromaxBDA Europe 2018.

This project won a Honorable Mention in Digital Animation at WINA 2018.


Advertiser: NBC Universal

Brand: Syfy

Campaign: Syfy 10th Anniversary.


What did they ask us for?

Syfy (the most important science fiction channel in the world, owned by NBCUniversal), celebrated its 10th year since launching in Spain.

What did we do?

We put forward the creative “The Journey of Extraordinary Emotions” pitch, linked to an immersive never-before-seen experience.

– For this, we create an idyllic atmosphere in the Costume Museum, staging the venue right down to even the smallest details to make sure the 250 guests felt as though they were travelling to an extraordinary world.

– With the help of LDC, we designed a videomap to project onto two giant 12 meter screens, getting inspiration from the channel’s best series. Absolutely everything was created originally, from scratch, for the occasion: design, motion graphics, music…

– When the projection ended, one of our androids accompanied the guests on a tour of lights to a very special place, the party.

– The guests were received in another room by a large seven-meter LED screen.

– A 3D printer printed food during the event.

– An interactive photo call that made the guests become the protagonists of upcoming Syfy releases.

– The 12 dishes on the menu were specially created for the anniversary, taking inspiration from the best series and films across the channel.

– Virtual reality was also a protagonist of the event with the series Halcyon.

– Expo Syfy gathered together exclusive pieces from some of the channel’s great classics.

– Hold a battle of the GIFs where made up of knockout rounds, quarter finals, semi-finals and the final so that fans discovered who was ultimately voted the best character of the last 10 years.

What were the results?

– An unprecedented event using techno-creativity associated with the channel’s own theme (science fiction)

– More than 17,000 participants across the social dynamics proposed for the anniversary.

More than a million online impressions.


SYFY 10 Años

SYFY 10 Años

Fiesta 10 años de SYFY en el Museo del Traje de Madrid

SYFY 10 Años


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