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FLUOR Projects · 06 November 2018 · 9:29 am

The origins of ‘100 crises of a first-time dad’ – the first transmedia comic for first-time dads

100 crises of a first-time dad was Bronze in Transmedia in the Inspirational Awards 2019 and Bronze in Branded Content in the Brave Brain Awards.

‘100 crises of a first-time dad’ is a first-person account of everything that happened to its author and his wife from the moment they began caring for their son Álex up until he was a 18 months old. A book that uses humour to narrate the100 situations experienced by the book’s protagonists over almost 300 pages.


Everything that is reflected in the comic really did happened to us. I noted it all on my mobile phone as it happened so that I would not forget it, and then we went back and gave it shape”, says Eduardo Prádanos, the comic´s author and founder of the agency FLUOR Lifestyle.


“I subscribed to a newsletter, and each week I received an email telling me what I should be experiencing at the time, be it kicks to my stomach or that my nipples should be cracking … But I didn’t notice any of that,” he continues. “So I had first-hand experience of the need for us dads to have their journeys mapped out in some way.”


The comic recounts real situations, and not advice. “Advice to first-time dads is often very difficult to give”, says Eduardo Prádanos, “because it is often given without being asked for, as some sort of invasion, and from an unrealistic standpoint that we must be perfect as first-time parents.” And it was exactly this that was the second trigger for his decision to narrate his story in this work.


The book covers many of the experience that new parents will go through: childbirth classes, discussions about the need to buy one car fit for babies over another, the harmful opinions of certain people that question the child’s education and the enormous lack of sleep caused by a baby that does not sleep well.


In addition, the comic includes a further seven narrative elements, complementing the book with transmedia offerings:

The comic book: as the cornerstone of the project.

– Podcasts with Ari: audio recordings of his wife, where different situations are explained from her point of view, which are very different from Eduardo’s telling.

– Edu´s lost bullets: the sperm that was not able to fertilize the author’s wife.

– Stories for little Alex: where the author writes short stories to his son.

– The Daddypedia: an encyclopaedia for first-time dads.

– The talks in the park: conversations with other parents in video format.

– The “brother-in-lawbot”: a chatbot in which to converse with three types of brothers-in-law: the motivated brother-in-law, the moaner brother-in-law and the punky brother-in-law.

– And the killjoy colleague: that friend that thinks that everything that has happened to him is always much more important than when it happens to you


‘100 crises of a first-time dad’ seeks to connect with new parents, with all those who are about to have a baby, and with those long-time parents looking to remember those times they have already started to forget.


All the stories can be seen on the website:







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