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FLUOR Projects · 18 September 2018 · 3:08 pm

Event for the presentation of SYFY at the Vodafone headquarters



Advertiser: NBC Universal

Brand: SYFY

Campaign: SYFY Event at the Vodafone television department


What did they ask us for?

SYFY, the science fiction channel from NBC Universal, wanted to make a powerful presentation to one of its partners, Vodafone. To do so, they needed a corporate event at the Vodafone headquarters that would offer guests a surprise and which would, at the same time, convey the essence of the channel. In addition to this, a small gift for guests would also need to be organised.


What did we do?

  • To do this, we created the idea that would set the tone for the event: “SYFY Travels”. It consisted of recreating an intergalactic travel agency in the space, where the guests could get to know the different destinations thanks to Kiplar, the character driving the action and the event’s host.
  • We decorated the space with some props from Expo SYFY, an exhibition with authentic relics of science fiction movies that were accompanied with posters, recreating the agency.
  • An improv actor played the agency’s big-personality host and while interacting with guests, he told stories about experiences he had had on each planet.
  • We created a menu inspired by various movies and science fiction series, dishes that we placed on a real moss littered with different plants.
  • We set up a personalized photo booth with the theme ‘SYFY Travels’, where guests could get a souvenir photo of their trip to take home with them.
  • Each guest was given an intergalactic gift bag where they could find the ticket for their trip, a bottle to take liquids into space, a pamphlet with information about the different destinations and a postcard.


What results were obtained?

  • Vodafone employees were very surprised by the customised catering based on various science fiction movies.
  • They could see authentic relics of different movies, like The Matrix and Men in Black.
  • They had fun and interacted with the character of Kiplar, having a very pleasant time while they found out more about SYFY.



Catering. Dark matter (Mini cone of squid ink filled with squid and pear mayonnaise). Vitamin serum D (Melon cream)



Catering.  Condensed ether (Blueberry cheese lollipop).  Star jelly (Tuna tataki with wakame seaweed and soybeans)



Catering. Alien bezoars (salmon cube with guacamole jelly and tobiko roe). Liquid red Kryptonite (Cooler of watermelon and melon).



Kiplar (Improvisation actor who entertained the event)


Personalized photo booth for the event and decoration of the space



Guests enjoying the event and detail of Expo SYFY, with original material from several science fiction films


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