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FLUOR Projects · 14 June 2017 · 8:12 am

‘Sigue la pista’, the interactive game for ‘La Zona’, the first original Movistar+ series

This project won the award Best Transmedia Producer (Premios Producción Audiovisual 2017), Bronze in Digital Marketing at the LAUS Awards 2018, Best Transmedia Project, Best Website, Best Branded Content Project, Best Online Advertising and GRAND PRIX (Best campaign of the year) in Agripina Awards, Silver in Gaming and Bronze in Transmedia in the Inspirational Awards 2019, best project based on the Internet by Anuncios, a Silver Award in Interactive: Branded Content at WINA 2018 and a Bronze Award in Interactive: Advergame at WINA 2018.


Advertiser: Movistar +

Brand: ‘La Zona’

Campaign: ‘Sigue la pista’


What did they ask for?

Movistar+ began its journey down the path to creating its own fictional series, a high stakes gamble with high-quality formats. For the premiere of ‘La Zona’, the new series by the Sánchez-Cabezudo brothers starring Eduard Fernández, Alba Galocha, Juan Echanove and Álvaro Cervantes, they asked us for an expansion of the transmedia narrative that was on par with the quality of the original production.


We did we do?

At FLUOR Lifestyle, we began to investigate new forms of story immersion and new ways of engaging the viewer so we could develop a Movistar+ production in collaboration with FLUOR Lifestyle.


What were the results?

More than a year ago, Movistar+ asked us to undertake what we most love: a challenge. They were just starting out on the production of their own series and needed a transmedia project that was on par with the great content. We decided to confront this challenge head on, taking ourselves out of our comfort zone, and so we began to investigate new forms of story immersion and the result was the creation of an interactive storytelling game for La Zona.

To begin with, we asked ourselves 3 questions. The first was about how to access an exclusion zone. At FLUOR Lifestyle, we were sure that we wanted the user to discover first-hand the entire plot of the series.

But how would we create a strong parallel plot when we were dealing with such a powerful story? We love telling stories and we knew that the narrative had to be the main element – our strong point. The narrative, together with the layer of interactivity, were the keys to achieving an immersive experience for the user.

With all this clear, the third question we asked ourselves was: how do we achieve something that we have never done before? A parallel narrative was the solution here, to ensure that every decision that the user made was indispensably valuable in discovering the story, with a return to the main narrative storyline for all key moments.

To achieve the ideal fit between the scripts and their digital development, we created our own tool to build interactive narrative universes. ‘Storyteller’, as we have called this tool, directly translates the literary scripts and their interactivity into codes that are ready to be implemented on the web.

With all these ingredients, we have achieved an experience based on techno-creativity, in which people enter La Zona and through their own decisions, they discover a world parallel to that of the series, but one that is also totally complementary and filmed in the same location.

In ‘Sigue la pista’, viewers can discover more than 2 million different possibilities in a universe of corruption, secrecy and radiation, through 8 missions, 28 characters, 211 photographs, 24 360º locations, 163 videos and 434 different interactive screens.



Agency: FLUOR Lifestyle

Advertiser: Movistar+

Product: Series

Brand: ‘La Zona’

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Media: Web / Online

Title: ‘Sigue la pista’

Movistar+ Executive Production: Domingo Corral, Ismael Calleja and David Sanz.

FLUOR Lifestyle Executive Production: Eduardo Prádanos.

FLUOR Lifestyle Credits:

General Creative DirectorEduardo Prádanos

Creative Team: Juanjo Mestre, Vanesa García, Jorge Ayllón and Ramón Tarrés

Account Director: Silvia Mosquera

ProducerSingrima Films

Movistar+ Credits:

Business & Legal: Ismael Calleja, Nicolas Lecocq, Clara Ruipérez, David S. Verjano, Miriam Lagoa, Adrián de Belva, Cristina Rozas and Marta Plácer.

Contents: Fran Araújo, Felipe Pontón, Susana Herreras, Gabriel Arias-Salgado, Rafa Taboada and Antonio Trashorras.

Production: Juan Moreno, Marta Martín and Guadalupe Balaguer.

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