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FLUOR Projects · 05 December 2017 · 9:49 am

TwypTubers (Twyp – ING)


This project won three Gold Awards at the Smile Festival 2018: “Best Branded Content Campaign”, “Best Innovation in Social Media Campaign” and “Best Content Strategy”.

This project is nominated for Best Branded Content Campaign of the Year (Anuncios). Failure of the jury pending to occur.


Advertiser: ING

Brand: Twyp

Campaign: TwypTubers


What did they ask us for?

ING wanted to position its shared payment for friends App in one key place: music festivals. The intention was to connect with young people and present them content that was not only relevant but that would also encourage them to download and use the Application. Would four YouTubers be able to survive a festival using only Twyp and not a single euro in cash?


What did we do?

We are faced with a complex question: how do we reach young people if they are watching less and less television every day and are hyper-saturated with advertising? Our answer to this was to head to YouTube – the reference platform for audiovisual entertainment among the target audience we aimed to reach. So, we set out to see whether it was possible to survive an entire festival without using a single euro in cash; and of course, without leaving with a single debt.

To do just that, we challenged four YouTubers the opportunity to participate. Would they be capable? This is how ‘TwypTubers’ was born, set within an innovative Branded Content format that sent these YouTubers to music festivals with nothing in their pockets but with Twyp downloaded to their mobile phones.

The four selected YouTubers are well-known couples, made up of Antón Lofer and Michenlo – who went first (DCODE festival), followed by Andrea Compton and María Herrejón (Granada Sound festival). They produced pieces on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter and YouTube, where their fans could follow their journey while on the challenge.

Their journey could also be followed on, where all the challenges of the influencers were published, and on the social profiles of the four twyptubers, where they could directly respond and interact with their followers. Did they get their fans to lend them enough money to make it through most of the festival?


What were the results?

  • 11 million organic impressions
  • More than 600,000 reproductions
  • More than 98% of positive interactions
  • The campaign generated an ROI of more than 140%
  • The videos were naturally positioned among the YouTube ‘Hot Trends’
  • More than 86% of Twyp’s conversation on Twitter was related to the campaign
  • Twyp managed to connect with a whole new young generation through the campaign, which revealed that they did want to receive advertising messages in this format. Pure Branded Content that entertains and informs.




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